Company Profile

                Zhejiang HuaGuang Capsule Co., Ltd was found in 1993, which is committed to providing pharmaceutical and healthcare products enterprises with quality and safety two piece-capsules and professional service, specializing in the development, production, and sales. our company is located in Zhejiang Province which is three hours drive away from Shanghai.

                HuaGuang(HG) capsule has thirty automatic production lines, and the annual production the two- pieces capsules about 15 billion. HG products include gelatin capsules, vegetable capsules, Halal capsules and safety capsules. Each of capsules has different specification, any colors and sizes can be customized.

                HG capsule is a cGMP certification manufacture also has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environment management system certification, halal certification and  NSF institution in America. Our products are exported to worldwide Europe, North America, South America and Southeast Asia.

                We believe that the most important factor in capsule dosage is how quickly the capsules deliver the key ingredients after ingestion.

                We manufacture all of our capsules and have direct control over our production process to ensure that our capsules are produced with the highest reliability and shortest absorption rate. Another key factor that is necessary to achieve the shortest absorption rate is using only the finest ingredients. We produce our capsules using the purest form of gelatin that is non-allergenic, cholesterol free, purine-free, fat-free, and easily digestible.

                When you choose HG Capsules, you can rest assure that capsules are made with the finest ingredients and produced with the utmost care. Feel free to contact our customer support as our representatives are always available to provide answers to all the questions you may have about our capsules.

                Development History
                Let us together witness...
                Finished share reform; Listed new third board; Stock code: 832509
                The automatic production line has been increased to 30, with an annual capacity of 15 billion capsules
                Passed “DMF” certification; registration?number: 28981
                Capsule vacuum conveying system; the whole process of production is unmanned
                The automatic rubber inspection system replaces the artificial rubber
                Full automatic sol color matching system to feed, sol, weigh and rec
                The new plant in the hi-tech park was put production, covering an area of 35,000 square meters; fully automatic production line was adopted in the new plant; international GMP standard design workshop; implemented production management;
                Huaguang capsule was established
                Qualification Certificate
                Company Philosophy

                We believe that the most important factor in capsule dosage is how quickly the capsules deliver the key ingredients after ingestion

                New Three Board
                New Three Board Information

                Zhejiang Huaguang Capsule Co.,Ltd specializes in the production of vacant capsule, including all kinds of color gastric-dissolved capsule, enteric vacant capsule, safety capsule and vegetable capsule. The company is located on the foot of Tianlao mountain and was established in 1989, which is the first batch designated enterprises of the State Pharmaceutical Bureau, and Zhejiang key private enterprise.

                The company has invested to establish Xinchang United?Plastic?Industry Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Drizzle Refrigeration Equipment Co. Ltd and Shanghai Shulun Trading Co.,Ltd. The company was relocated in Provincial Hi-tech Industry Park, Xinchang, Zhejiang. The workshop was designed according to GMP standard and continued to develop based on 20 years manufacturing experience. The company has 218 employees and 30 automatic capsule production lines, with an annual output of 18 billion capsules. The company pays attention to product quality and has passed ISO9001 quality certification and ISO14001 environment certification. The brand of “Yingtao capsule” has some influence in the capsule market and gradually expands to international market. The products have been sold to Europe, North America, South America and Southeast Asia.

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